Somalia Parliament Will Serve Beyond Mandate, Says Speaker


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Speaker of Somalia’s parliament Mohamed Mursal said on Saturday that the legislative body will carry on working until the 11th federal parliament is sworn in, as dispute between the federal government and regional states delays elections.

The speaker told MPs that the current parliament, whose term expires within a few weeks, will serve beyond its term until the 11th parliament is sworn in to avoid a power vacuum.

Remarks by the parliament speaker have come as dispute between the federal government and some regional states delayed parliamentary elections slated for December 10.

Earlier, warnings by the opposition and the international community over extension of the terms of the government’s executive and legislative branches led to a deal signed on September between the federal government and regional states, some of whose clauses required elections to be held on time.

It is now feared the incumbent president’s tenure to be extended and opposition formed a parallel electoral body it says will lead the country to an inclusive election, a prospect the international community warns might plunge the country into further unrest.

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