Somalia PM says ‘local and foreign coalitions’ trying to undermine elections


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble said on Monday there were local and international coalitions established to undermine his government’s efforts to conclude ongoing polls.

The Premier sacked two members of the electoral board – Mohamed Hassan Irro and Abdiraheem Abdiasis Adam – who were allied with the President and were accused of attempts to disrupt the work by the electoral body to complete the electoral process on schedule.

Roble instructed Somali police chief Abdi Hassan Hijar to launch probe into an attempt by the sacked officials to obstruct an ongoing issuance of certificates to MPs and Senators and urged him to shoulder “specific responsibility” for security and safety of venues where the election body operates.

The Prime Minister warns members of the Armed Forces, civil servants and cabinet to refrain from acts of intimidation and corruption they continue within the different levels of election implementation committees. Legal actions will be taken against them if they carry on with such acts,” Somali Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister of FGS H.E Mohamed Hussein Roble informs the Somali people about the existence of local and foreign coalitions aimed to obstruct the completion of elections, to spark political and security crisis (and) therefore, I call on the Somali people to unite and prepare to counter that invasion against the Somali nation and people, and to conclude the elections which are at a final stage.”

Hours after his move, the National Security and Intelligence Agency – which is run by Farmajo allies – said they had briefed top government officials about plots by the Al-Qaeda-linked militant group Al-Shabaab to assassinate the President and the Prime Minister, drawing rebuke from opposition figures and former officials. read more

Southwest regional state, which is headed by a staunch ally of Somali President, said it would no longer cooperate with Somali Prime Minister on ongoing polls, saying he had lost credibility in leading to a fair presidential vote. Reports emerged over the past days indicating that regional authorities stopped MPs elected in the state from traveling to Mogadishu where issuance of certificates to new parliamentarians is underway.

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