Somalia police chief voices disappointment on worsening insecurity in Mogadishu


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s police chief Abdi Hassan said on Wednesday that a number of soldiers are killed in nightly attacks as the security of the capital Mogadishu continues to deteriorate ahead of the country’s presidential vote.

If I tell you the truth, between two and three police officers are killed [in Mogadishu] every night. If you shoot the thief first and kill him, people will say police have killed someone,” Somali police chief said.

He added that security forces have beefed up security in Mogadishu during the ongoing polls to counter potential threats that may hinder the transition process.

Mr Hijar urged residents in Mogadishu to cooperate with police on safeguarding the city and dealing with growing crimes perpetrated by groups of armed gangs.

Over the past weeks, insurgents also increased attacks in Mogadishu in which a number of soldiers have been killed. On Monday, a session by the parliament to approve measures to hold elections came under mortar shelling that resulted in the injuries of several security personnel and staff.

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