Somalia: Regional Ministers Unpaid for 10 Months


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Ministers of the Hirshabelle regional administration in southern Somalia go unpaid for 10 months due to a widespread corruption, acting regional minister has told Somaliguardian on Wednesday.

The last time the regional ministers received their salaries was in June 23 last year and since then have been working without pay, the minister who refused to be named said, adding that many of the acting ministers expect to retain their posts in a new regional administration’s cabinet.

The current regional president Ali Gudlawe was elected on November 11 last year and has not yet appointed a cabinet due to a number of obstacles facing his government. His election triggered an armed uprising in parts of Hiran region and militiamen refused him to enter the town of Baladwayne and other cities in the region.

 Hirshabelle members of parliament, who have been working since November last year, have not been paid for two months and are now planning to put forward a complaint to the regional leader.

Senior regional officials approached by Somaliguardian declined to comment on the issue.

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