Somalia: SNA says army day celebrations won’t be held to disguise coup


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardan) – Deputy Chief of Somalia’s National Army (SNA) Abas Amin Ali said on Saturday they will not celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the establishment of the army in an attempt to disguise seizure of power.

He urged Somalis not to pay heed to rumors spread by people with “personal motives” to sow discord among the armed forces and civilians.

I want to to clarify to the Somali public that the Somali army will celebrate its day on 12 April,” he said, adding that they have no “other intention”.

Celebrations for the army day have not been held for the past three years and extensive preparations made to mark the day at a time the Prime Minister is expected to observe the swearing-in of MPs has stirred suspicion that takeover of power by troops at the President’s behest was possible.

Earlier, opposition leaders accused the President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo of planning a coup to take over power and disband the government, in what his critics say is an attempt to derail ongoing parliamentary polls. read more

Deputy Minister of Information Abdirahman Yusuf said, in an interview with Universal TV on Friday, he would not rule out the possibility of a coup attempt by the President and pointed out that the Premier had no concerns about upcoming army day celebrations.

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