Somalia State Media Ordered Not to Broadcast Information Minister’s Video

Somalia information minister

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble ordered state media not to broadcast a video of the Information Minister Osman Abokor Dube responding to a statement issued by Somaliland, in which he had launched a blistering attack on authorities of the break-away state.

It came after the self-proclaimed state on Wednesday said elections organized by the “fragile administration” in Somalia have nothing to do with Somaliland and warned the leadership of the federal government against “fake claims” aimed at misleading the international community. read more

Dube recorded a video in response to the statement, in which he launched a stinging attack on the authorities of Somailand, whom he accused of fabricating misleading claims of being steps closer to an international recognition to deflect public attention from economic difficulties and other hardships at home, and further pursue separatism ambitions.

In the video, some of whose content Somaliguardian has obtained access, the Somali Information Minister pointed out that the majority of Somalilanders stood up against the secession of the region sought by the break-away state’s bureaucratic elites.

Roble ordered state media not to air the video deemed offensive against the government and citizens of the break-away state, citing possibility that it may further stoke divisions and dash hopes for successful talks between leaders of the self-proclaimed state and the federal government.

Somali Information Minister, a key ally of the country’s embattled president, is now among candidates vying for Senate seats allocated for the northern region.

Somaliland has long accused Farmajo’s administration of adopting aggressive policy against it and of laying a diplomatic siege against the region, which has remained a beacon of hope for the rest of Somalia since the collapse of the Horn of Africa country’s central government in 1991.

Both the Prime Minister and Information Minister have not immediately discussed the motive behind the order given to the state media not to broadcast the video.

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