Somalia’s Former PM Abdiweli Gaas Accuses Opposition of Double Standards Over Elections

Abdiweli Gaas

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s former Prime Minister Abdiweli Gaas accused the Council of Presidential Candidates of double standards over the ongoing parliamentary elections, days after the opposition leaders raised concerns over mounting vote-rigging and manipulation allegations.

Speaking to Universal TV on Sunday, the former Somali Premier said the opposition council had previously congratulated senators who had won seats in an unfair contest and later began to condemn the election of other MPs elected in a similar process, adding that they should have shown consistency in their criticism of vote manipulation activities.

He also accused the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and regional state presidents of failing to deliver on promises to hold credible polls agreeable to all political stakeholders.

Mr Gaas said there was a possibility that the country would again see violence as standoff over the elections appears to be dragging on and urged all sides to show restraint, calling for a two-month delay in the ongoing elections to “correct mistakes”.

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