Somalia’s Government Flies Police Vehicles to Baladwayne


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s federal government on Saturday airlifted new police vehicles to the security forces in the town of Baladwayne in Hiran region amid tensions over a crucial vote authorities in the region want to conduct in the coming days despite threats from militia groups led by former army officer.

Hirshabelle authorities said the military vehicles were designed to be used by government troops in the town of Baladwayne to beef up security ahead of the upcoming elections.

It comes days after the government flied a number of bullet-proof vehicles to the restive town, which are designed to transport electoral board officials, regional authorities and candidates vying for parliament seats in the town.

Over the past months, the federal government has been deploying fresh troops, weapons and military vehicles to the town in an effort to curb the influence of opposition-aligned politicians.

General Abukar Hud, a former military officer, who is now leading rebellious forces threatened that they would attack the town if local authorities try to hold elections. His troops earlier carried out an assault on the town after Hirshabelle authorities held first cabinet meeting in the town several weeks ago.

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