Somalia’s govt urges new multilateral mission to protect ‘strategic population centers’


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – At a security conference attended by the Horn of Africa country’s international partners, including the United States, Turkey and the United Kingdom, Somalia’s government requested a new multinational peacekeeping mission to protect security of urban areas.

“We welcome the FGS request for a limited and new multilateral mission to provide protection of strategic population centers and key Mogadishu and Federal Member State infrastructure (airports, ports) which will permit space and time for SNAF to establish and build on base foundations and conduct offensive operations at the “NOW” and “Next” juncture,” the participants of Security Conference for Somalia held in New York on Tuesday said.

“We welcome the Security Sector Development plan presented at this conference, which includes the establishment of capable, affordable, transparent and accountable Somali Security Forces and institutions that, in turn, facilitate peacebuilding efforts.”

The meeting came days after the United Nations Security Council lifted decades-long arms embargo on the war-torn country to enable Somali security forces to receive essential weapons and military equipment to fight Al-Shabaab insurgents.

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