Somalia’s Opposition Announces National Salvation Conference As Election Impasse Drags on

Somalia opposition

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s opposition announced on Sunday it would hold a national salvation conference after government had ignored its calls for delay to ongoing elections marred by widespread fraud and manipulation.

In a statement issued by the Council of Presidential Candidates, the opposition figures said it was clear that no one is ready to shoulder responsibility for taking corrective measures against the ongoing “fraudulent” process and their calls for delay to the polls fell on deaf ears.

It came hours after reports emerged that the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble rebuffed opposition demands to delay parliamentary elections, in an attempt to “correct mistakes” and hold votes for disputed seats in re-run polls.

The council has learned that there is no one shouldering responsibility for stopping election-rigging and putting in place corrective measures,” the opposition council said.

The [council] has also learned that federal and regional authorities are not interested in transparent elections, whose results are widely accepted, to save the country from chaos and political and security crisis.”

The salvation conference, whose preparation has already begun, will host Somali intellectuals and the council is due to name two preparatory committees, including a security team, the statement added.

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