Somalia’s PM Fails in Bid to Take Over National Security Amid Power Fight with President

Somali PM Roble

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble has failed in a bid to take full charge of the country’s security, in an attempt to keep the President at bay from ongoing parliamentary elections and thwart efforts to undermine or meddle in the electoral process.

At a meeting of the National Consultative Council in Mogadishu, some of the regional leaders allied with the President walked out of the venue over a proposed takeover of national security by the Premier, risking the collapse of election talks bolstered by donor nations.

Some of the leaders, who later returned to the summit, asked the Premier not to waste time on the proposal, adding that the council has no legitimacy to endorse it and instead, suggested that the responsibility for elections’ security be handed over to the African Union peacekeeping mission.

Roble and regional presidents are due to issue a final communique on Sunday after concluding the meeting. Among issues agreed by the parties include approval of electoral team shakeup, fixed timeline for the polls and revising the electoral procedures.

A request by opposition leaders and other politicians on re-run of elections for disputed seats have not been given any consideration.

In a meeting with the NCC members, foreign ambassadors in Mogadishu threatened that they would suspend budget support to the federal government if authorities fail to complete parliament and presidential elections before March this year.

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