Somalia’s PM Holds Virtual Meeting with Regional Presidents

Somalia PM

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble on Wednesday held a virtual meeting with the presidents of the country’s regional states to discuss the completion of an ongoing electoral process.

The prime minister “chaired a virtual meeting with members of the National Consultative Council, which focused on the progress made regarding the electoral process and the quick start of the election of the House of People,” the office of the Somali premier Mohamed Hussein Roble said in a statement.

The chairman of the electoral management committee, who attended the meeting, briefed the National Consultative Council about tasks ahead of the commission in regards to elections.”

Roble and the regional presidents also discussed the possibility of holding non-virtual meeting to address the current political wrangling in Somalia, though no decision has been reached on the date to organize the conference.

It comes after dispute between the president and his prime minister has reached new heights over the past weeks, nominally over the murder of a female spy, after months of tensions and wrangling over key powers.

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