Somalia’s PM Names Abdullahi Mohamed Nur as New Security Minister

Somalia PM

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble on Wednesday named a staunch Farmajo critic as the new Security Minister after firing one of the president’s key allies, in an intensified purge to cleanse top government posts of those deemed threat to an ongoing process to serve justice for slain female spy Ikran Tahlil.

Abdullahi Mohamed Nur, who was once among opposition figures that strongly opposed an extension of president’s term in office, has been appointed as the new Security Minister, replacing Hassan Hundubey, a fervent ally of the outgoing president.

Mr Hundubey challenged the Prime Minister’s move, saying he has no right to dismiss anyone since his powers are limited and he is serving as acting premier. The sacked minister added that Mohamed Hussein Roble is fueling tensions and unrest in the country, an allegation the premier has not responded.

The PM’s move is part of efforts to tighten noose on the outgoing president, who is accused of staging a cover-up on the death of female spy and of defending former intelligence chief Fahad Yasin and other officials suspected of being involved in the killing.

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