Somalia’s President Names Ex-Spy Chief As National Security Advisor


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo appointed ex-spy chief Fahad Yasin as his security advisor after dispute with PM on an investigation into the disappearance of female intelligence officer escalated on Tuesday.

Farmajo named Yasin Abdullahi, the current head of the intelligence agency for Mogadishu, as the acting spy boss, a day after the prime minister assigned Bashir Gobe to hold the office.

In a statement, the prime minister expressed concerns that the president’s move “further frustrates efforts to serve justice for Ikran Tahlil” and asked the country’s military court to speed up probe into the murder case.

The president said he had accepted Fahad’s resignation from the office of the spy agency’s director general and appointed him as the national security advisor.

It comes after the president demanded the prime minister drop a probe into Ikran Tahlil’s death if he is to agree to the dismissal of Fahad Yasin, though Mr Roble insisted on proceeding with the investigation into the murder case.

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