Somalia’s President and 3 Regional Leaders Agree on a New Election Model

Somalia's president

DHUSAMAREB (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s president, 3 regional leaders and the mayor of Mogadishu agreed on a new election model following a long-standing dispute.

Puntland and Jubaland regional leaders were not part of the agreement and had earlier boycotted the second round of Dhusamareb conference, citing untrustworthiness on the part of the federal government.

President Farmajo, 3 of 5 regional states leaders and mayor of Mogadishu agreed on Electoral Constituency Caucuses as the new model for the 2020/21 Somalia elections. In addition, leaders said 301 delegates will vote for every parliamentary seat.

A few days ago, President Farmajo told leaders at the conference that indirect election could only be held if the number of delegates selecting MPs is increased.

Jubaland Vice President speaking to media said regional officials were having consultations in regards to the recent developments in Dhusamareb and would then make clear their position.

Puntland officials have not yet commented on the agreement, but President Farmajo who was speaking at the closing ceremony of Dhusamareb conference called on Saeed Deni and Ahmed Madobe to bolster support for the deal, which he described as a historic breakthrough.

A communiqué issued following the agreement reads as follows:
  1. Election model for 2020/21 will be Electoral Constituency Caucuses
  2.  National Independent Electoral Commission alongside regional states will facilitate the selection of delegates from traditional leaders and civil society members of clans represented in parliamentary seats.
  3. 301 delegates will vote for every parliamentary seat
  4. At least 4 constituencies will be established in every regional state
  5. Constituencies closer in proximity will together vote for their respective candidates
  6. The election will take place within one day across the country
  7. National Independent Electoral Commission is able to relocate seats at insecure constituencies
  8. The election will be based upon the multi-party system
  9. Regional MPs will elect federal Senate members
  10. The agreement will be returned to the Lower House of Parliament for approval
  11. To hold elections on time NIEC should expedite efforts
  12. Federal and regional leaders that signed the agreement will address concerns by other stakeholders
  13. 30% quota of women will be preserved
  14. The conference commends the role of Galmudug president
  15. The conference sends gratitude to the international community for standing shoulder to shoulder with Somalia.


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