Somaliland ‘Astonished’ At the Swift Ouster of Somalia Prime Minister

HARGEISA (Somaliguardian) –Somaliland deputy minister of foreign affairs Liban Yusuf Gahnug said his government astonished at the swift ouster of Somali prime minister Hassan Ali Khaire.

“It was an issue that astonished the whole world to see a government ousted in less than 15 minutes which shows they can’t trust each other. The international community and even Somaliland can’t trust them, the removal of government with which we had talks in a few minutes is a telltale sign of the untrustworthiness of Mogadishu based administration, it was an unfortunate move.” said the Somaliland deputy minister of foreign affairs Liban Yusuf Gahnug.

“Somaliland and Somalia are politically independent from each other with talks between them still ongoing.”

It’s the first time Somaliland’s government commented on the removal of Somalia’s prime minister Hassan Ali Khaire which has led the international community to look on with apprehension.

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