Somaliland Opposition Leader Summoned by Police

Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan

HARGEISA (Somaliguardian) The leader of Somaliland’s Waddani opposition party Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan was summoned and taken by police to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), in the latest incident marking an escalation of tensions between the opposition parties and the incumbent President Muse Bihi Abdi, local media reported on Wednesday.

The move follows a recent speech by the leading opposition figure and it is believed that police have summoned him for questions about his remarks, in what critics of the incumbent President say is the latest such incident in the self-proclaimed state’s history.

Tensions have been simmering in the break-away state since President Muse Bihi Abdi announced that authorities would register new political associations, triggering fear by the opposition parties that the move aims to delay the upcoming presidential election, months after they had won majority in parliamentary elections.

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