Somaliland Police Make Arrests Over Councilor Killed in Lasanod


HARGEISA (Somaliguardian) – Police in the break-away state of Somaliland have made arrests after an operation swung into action over the killing of a local councilor in the town of Lasanod on Saturday night, the city’s mayor Abdirahman Ali Ismael said on Saturday.

Abdirisak Ahmed Ali, better known as Ardofe was shot dead by a group of unidentified attackers outside his home on Saturday night, the mayor said, in an interview with BBC Somali.

Police arrested a number of suspects and continue probe into the murder incident, he added.

Abdirisak Ahmed Elmi was killed outside his home and police officials told us there is an ongoing investigation. We can’t discuss the matter in advance, bu the suspects are being investigated carefuly,” the mayor of Lasanod said.

The attack that claimed Ardofe’s life is the latest in a spate of killings carried out by unknown armed groups in the town over the past months. Several local officials, members of security forces and judges were earlier killed in similar night attacks.

Ardofe has been a member of a newly-elected council for the restive town of Lasanod, in the east of the break-away region.

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