Somaliland Police Official Killed in Gunfight with Militia Group

Somaliland police

HARGEISA (Somaliguardian) – Police official was killed in fierce gunfight between Somaliland security forces and an armed militia in the break-away state’s eastern region of Sool, a local official said on Monday.

The commander of Somaliland police in the town of Hudun was killed after he had led an attack on a militia group outside the small restive town. Another officer was wounded in the deadly gunfight.

An armed militia was mobilizing for a raid on the town’s police headquarters after troops had arrested drug smugglers, the mayor of Lasanod told VOA Somali.

Troops have been dealing with growing drug smuggling rings over the past months and asked local traditional leaders for help, he said.

Insecurity in the region east of the self-proclaimed state has spiraled out of control and the recent incident comes just a few weeks after unidentified attackers killed a member of Lasanod local council in an overnight assault.

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