Somaliland takes first step toward implementing sea access deal with Ethiopia


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somaliland authorities have taken the first step toward implementing a sea access deal with landlocked Ethiopia as Somalia asks Addis Ababa to abandon the memorandum of understanding signed in January.

A technical committee dispatched by Somaliland President arrived in the town of Lughaya in Awal region where Ethiopia is set to build a naval base and met with local elders, weeks after reports emerged that residents opposed the deal.

Members of the committee also met traditional leaders in Borama, Dila and other towns in the region in an effort aimed at soothing tensions over the memorandum of understanding.

Somaliland has deployed hundreds of heavily-armed troops to major urban areas in the region to prevent a possible uprising amid growing agitation over the agreement, which locals described as illegal giveaway of Somali-owned land and sea.

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