Southwest state protests Somali govt plans to kick out Ethiopian troops 

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Southwest state authorities on Saturday disapproved an announcement by Somali national security advisor Hussein Sheikh Ali that Mogadishu will kick out Ethiopian troops once their mandate ends in December. 

The regional state accused the federal government of disseminating “misinformation” and strongly protested the scheduled pullout of Ethiopian forces, in what many have described as a bold move to side with Ethiopia amid allegations that Addis Ababa is violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbor. 

Somali national security advisor told a local radio station on Saturday that no Ethiopian troops will remain in the country after December 2024 and that Mogadishu is negotiating with its international partners that about 10,000 peacekeepers from Uganda, Burundi, Djibouti and Kenya stay beyond their mandate until January 2026 to help prevent a possible Al-Shabaab takeover of the conflict-torn nation. More 

In a separate announcement on social media, Sheikh Ali said Mogadishu will not consider Ethiopia as an ally in keeping regional peace as long as the government of President Abiy Ahmed persists the violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia. More 

The remarks sparked a heated debate on social media, with some politicians, including MPs calling on the Somali government not to politicize security issues. 

 “@ATMIS ENDF is working hard,& we will be grateful for the contributions in operation/peacekeeping & will continue to exist and take up the role in the state,” Southwest regional ministry of interior tweeted. 

Southwest leader Abdias Laftagaren was placed in power by Ethiopian troops in 2018, who arrested his rival Mukhtar Robow Ali, the current Somali Minister of Religious Affairs. He is also at odds with the government of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, which will receive the best chance to oust him if Ethiopian forces leave the country. 

‘Ethiopian intelligence officers at my doorsteps’ 

Speaking on social media remarks accusing Somali regional states of receiving orders from Ethiopian spies, Southwest state President Abdiasis Laftagaren publicly revealed that there were Ethiopian intelligence officers at his doorsteps. His comments were aimed at shielding himself from public criticism over his tendency towards Addis Ababa and to shift blame onto the status quo. 

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