US Drone Strike Hits Pro-Al-Shabaab Radio Station in Somalia


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – US drone strike hit pro-Al-Shabaab radio station in the town of Kunyo-barrow, south Somalia on Friday, local media reported as US repositions its troops in the Horn of Africa country by mid January this year.

Four missiles struck Al-Furqan radio station, according to pro-Al-Shabaab media.

The air strike reportedly damaged a building in Kunyo-barrow, housing the radio station. Radio equipment has also been damaged by the attack.

Media staff at the building survived the attack but there have been reports of casualties inflicted on civilians living near the targeted radio station.

US military has claimed responsibility for the air strikes in Kunyo-barrow on Friday. It says Al-Shabaab compounds in the town were targeted.

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