The Rise of Two Rival Coalitions in Somalia Ahead of Elections


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s political situation has been developing a more serious phase of tensions that brings the country to the brink of irreversible crisis, with the rise of two grand rival coalitions vying for securing victory in the run-up to upcoming elections.

The rise of two grand coalitions in Somalia’s politics that are currently locked in a bitter dispute over key electoral aspects – has stoked tensions in the country, whose future has already been in the balance.

Government’s strong and aggressive coalition comprises officials serving in different portfolios, who are bent on remaining in power at any cost, rallying armed forces, media and recently established social media campaigners popularly known as “trawlers” behind their ranks.

The opposition’s disjointed but vibrant coalition has animated characters and political veterans among its ranks. However, they have no common theme that could take forward their campaign to oust the incumbents, although they often find themselves aligned to the proposal of timely elections and removal of the current administration.

Both the opposition and the current administration are now going all-out to secure victory in the upcoming elections and many eye their contest as a wayward battle to gamble the fate of this nation, whatever the cost may be.

Here are the entire notable figures on the opposition front

  1. Former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud
  2. Former President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed
  3. Recently ousted Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire
  4. Former Prime Minister Abdiwali Ali Gaas
  5. Former Speaker of Parliament Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan
  6. Puntland President Saeed Deni
  7. Jubaland President Ahmed Madobe
  8. UAE-backed WADAJIR Party leader Abdirahman Abdishakur
  9. Parliamentarian Abdikadir Osoble
  10. Speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi Abdillahi
  11. Senator Muse Sudi Yalohow, who had formerly been a notorious warlord
  12. Former President and tycoon Ali Mahdi Mohamed, who often attends opposition meetings and backs the endeavor to unseat the current administration.

The list of the government’s coalition does not include such animated figures as the opposition, on the contrary, its notables are all pompous and self-assured, and who are ready to take risky actions in the hope of a desired result.

  1. President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo
  2. Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament Mohamed Mursal Sheikh Osman
  3. Deputy Speaker of Parliament Abdiwali Sheikh Ibrahim Mudey
  4. Chief of the National Intelligence Services, Fahad Yasin, who is the second most powerful government official being Qatar’s agent in Somalia and reaches decisions on allocations of funds earmarked by the Arab country – based on the mutual interest of the Qatari leadership and Somalia’s ruling coalition
  5. Acting Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled
  6. President of Southwest regional state
  7. Galmudug President Ahmed Qoorqoor
  8. Mogadishu Mayor Omar Filish
  9. Hirshabelle Vice President Ali Abdullahi Gudlawe

Although the two rival camps still continue to build momentum, victory still remains uncertain for either side that further spirals up their risky actions. For many, victory will only turn up for the coalition that gains the trust of Somalia’s international partners.

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