Two Somali Regional MPs Wounded in Bomb Attack

Jowhar Somalia

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Two Somali regional MPs wounded after blast ripped through a vehicle they were traveling in the town of Jowhar, the seat of power for south Somalia’s Hirshabelle state, regional officials said on Wednesday.

Regional parliamentarians Mohamed Abdi Ali and Abdirahman Abdi Idow were returning from a ceremony held to mark the 5th anniversary from the establishment of the federal member state when a roadside bomb struck their vehicle on Tuesday night.

The sound of loud explosion that woke up residents was heard in the town at 2:00 pm on Tuesday, shortly after a ceremony attended by regional officials had been concluded.

The Al-Qaeda-aligned militant group Al-Shabaab said its fighters had carried out the attack amid a security tight in the city.

Regional authorities did not say whether there had been other casualties as a result of the explosion, but security forces have begun an investigation into the incident on Wednesday morning.

A member of region’s parliament Omar Somane wished the two MPs full and speedy recovery from injuries sustained from the assault.

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