UAE backing Somalia constitution overhaul to plunge country deeper into chaos: ex-spy boss


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – The United Arab Emirates is spearheading ongoing work to overhaul Somalia’s provisional constitution in an attempt to plunge the country deeper into chaos and usher in the secession of at least two more regions, decades after Somaliland declared independence, ex-spy chief Fahad Yasin said on Friday.

In a write-up on Twitter, Mr Yasin said Abu Dhabi formulated three plans, including weakening the Somali national army to give space for arming regional paramilitary forces, overhauling the constitution to further divide the country’s political elite and ensuring the secession of regional states.

The UAE has been heavily embroiled in Somalia’s conflict over the past decades, but Abu Dhabi’s influence in the country’s politics has been growing since President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud won re-election in May 2022. It provides millions of dollars in funding for training, arming and paying the monthly stipends of military police units in charge of the security of Mogadishu.

Recently, reports emerged that Abu Dhabi is considering the deployment of thousands of mercenaries drawn from French special forces to Somalia and Yemen to further tighten its grip on power in both countries and exploit their untapped natural resources.

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