UN says Somalia decision to request termination of its political office in Mogadishu was not unexpected


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – A spokesperson for the United Nations office in Somalia said on Friday the Somali federal government’s request for the termination of UN political office in Mogadishu was not an unexpected move.

In an interview with VOA Somali journalist Harun Maruf, the spokesperson said: “ This latest development is a testament to the valuable work of UNSOM in support of Somali authorities these past years. As I am sure, you know UNSOM is in Somalia on a mandate from the UNSC, and like all special political missions, its mandate ends when its tasks are achieved or this decision that it is no longer required.”

“I should mention also, tied into this, there was a strategic review of UNSOM about two years ago. In that reviews’ findings it did say that they recommended that UNSOM begin planning a transition from UNSOM to the UN Country Team taking over the responsibilities. And the Security Council actually endorsed these findings in one of its resolutions. So right now we are in discussions with the Federal Government of Somalia , we stand ready to follow the instructions of the Council, and of course, we will remain committed to partnering and supporting the government as we can and as required. This is specifically referring to UNSOM – the UN family, agencies, funds and programs and UNSOS remain in place and the support of UN for Somalia will continue regardless of what happens to UNSOM or not,” he added.

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