Water Supply Cut to Banadir Regional Headquarters over Unpaid Bills


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Water supply has been cut to Banadir regional headquarters where the Mayor of Mogadishu Omar Filish operates in, after water bills have not been paid for the last few months, sources have confirmed.

The disruption was first noticed 7 days ago after a private company had suspended water supply to the regional headquarters situated in heavily fortified area of the capital, Mogadishu.

Directors at Banadir regional headquarters have told Somaliguardian on Wednesday that there has been no water to be used for cleaning, toilets, ablution and other basic needs for the last 7 days after authorities failed to pay for water supply.

They have raised fear among staff within the city hall that they would be “forced” to work in a no-water and “unhygienic environment”, which had allegedly begun to smell from the toilet waste emissions.

Neither the water company nor the Mayor of Mogadishu have yet spoken to media about the incident, but directors who have spoken to Somaliguardian say failure to pay dues to the water company led to the disruption that have severely impacted work at Banadir regional headquarters, the third-to-none highly protected complex in the Somali capital.

The news of water supply to the headquarters of Banadir region has come amid closure of newly constructed building for Yaqshid district over unpaid construction costs.

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