Weapons Truck Seized in Somalia’s Bosaso Town, Officials Say


GAROWE (Somaliguardian) – Puntland authorities seized a truck carrying weapons following a security operation in the commercial port city of Bosaso, where a ceasefire brokered by local traditional leaders ended days of vicious fighting between rival regional forces last month.

The truck had been loaded with weapons and other military equipment hidden under a blanket of sand and was captured during an operation at a garage in the middle of the town, officials said.

Security forces were acting on a tip before carrying out the operation and have information on whom the weapons belonged and the destination of the vehicle, a local official told media without giving further details.

Authorities said they would brief media when an ongoing investigation is complete.

It comes after deadly clashes broke out in the coastal town last month, leaving dozens of people dead and many more wounded as troops loyal to regional president and others supporting a mutinous US-trained elite force commander battled for control of the commercial city.

The infighting has triggered fear that it could distract regional forces from the fight against Al-Qaeda-aligned militant group which often carries out attacks targeting officials and security forces in the semi-autonomous region.

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