Somalia Opposition Raises Concerns over Expulsion of Kenyan Ambassador


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s opposition presidential candidates warned on Tuesday that Somalia federal government’s expulsion of Kenyan ambassador in Mogadishu could plummet diplomatic relations between the two countries to a new low.

In a press statement, Somali presidential candidates said the move to expel Kenyan ambassador aimed to stoke domestic nationalism to advance the incumbent president’s reelection bid since the 2016 anti-Ethiopia rhetoric helped him become victor in elections.

Somalia’s president has later signed a deal with Ethiopia, allowing it to run and exploit at least four of the country’s seaports including those in Bosaso, Marka and Hobyo.

As the incumbent leader now savours intimate relationship with Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, analysts say he is now focusing on further worsening deeply strained relations with neighboring Kenya, which has thousands of troops in southern Somalia fighting Al-Shabaab.

Opposition leaders raised concern that the government’s decision could have severe impact on tens of thousands of Somali refugees, students and businesspeople living in Kenya.

On Sunday, Somalia summoned its ambassador to Kenya Mohamud Nur Tarsan back home and told his Kenyan counterpart to return to Nairobi for consultation with his government.

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