Somalia Opposition Says Won’t Accept Government to Serve Beyond Term


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s opposition presidential candidates said on Sunday that they will not accept the federal government and parliament to serve beyond their constitutional mandate, with only a few hours to go before the incumbent president’s term expires.

“The council declares that it will not accept for the country to be ruled by individuals and institutions whose constitutional mandate has ended,” the Somali opposition presidential candidates said in a statement following a meeting in Mogadishu.

Amid fears over political crisis after the president’s term expires, the opposition says it is holding consultative meeting with civil society members over what should be done to prevent a power vacuum.

“From 8th of February, only an inclusive agreement can guide the country through the transition period,” statement reads.

“The council is undertaking consultations with other political stakeholders and various sections of the society on how best to address the constitutional vacuum, and will present its views on the way forward during the transition period.”

The opposition raised fears over “growing threat posed by Al-Shabaab” and accused the government of Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo of not taking responsibility for the fight against terrorism.

It comes a day after Somali leader addressed MPs in Mogadishu and blamed international interference for the delayed elections, urging citizens not to listen to “what foreigners dictate”.

Mr Farmajo told MPs that the last round of talks will be held despite his term ending on February 8 and expressed hope that the current political impasse over the elections will be brought to an end.

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