Somalia: Politicians Seek Justice at Al-Shabaab Courts, says Former President


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said on Saturday that Somali politicians, soldiers and businesspeople seek justice at Al-Shabaab courts after the group achieved spreading its influence into government controlled areas.

Mr Mohamud, who is currently a vocal critic of the current administration and a member of main opposition alliance highlighted that people “did not go to Toratorow-based Al-Shabaab courts for justice” during his term in office and the group managed to spread its influence into government-held towns in south and central Somalia since president Farmajo assumed office.

“Our politicians, soldiers, businesspeople and other parts of society seek justice [at Al-Shabaab courts] in Toratorow,” the former president said.

Speaking before dozens of attendees at a think-tank center in the capital on Saturday evening, mr Mohamud also launched a blistering attack on what he called “the owner of the country”, referring to the Somali national intelligence chief Fahad Yasin, whom he accused of “failing in his responsibilities as director of presidency, destroying intelligence agency and police, and now ruining the country’s politics”.

The former president stressed that ongoing conference between opposition presidential candidates aims to thwart mr Yasin’s efforts to “ruin the country’s politics” and that they would not allow Somalia to be plunged into further unrest and chaos.

Somali Intelligence chief, the agency and the federal government have not yet commented on the accusation.

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