Somalia Special Forces Disobey President’s Orders to Attack ex-Mogadishu Police Chief


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s special forces have disobeyed president’s orders to launch an offensive against former police chief of Mogadishu and his forces, who are currently in control of parts of Hodan district in the capital.

Since the former police commander Sadiq John was sacked last week after refusing a term extension for president Farmajo and the parliament, the government has been planning to arrest him but the efforts were impeded by the special forces, whose commanders refused to carry out an assault pushed by personal political motives.

Commanders of the US and Turkish-trained Alpha group and Gorgor Somali special forces insisted that they would not participate in planned military operation to dislodge John’s forces from Shirkole and surrounding neighborhoods, sources have told Somaliguardian.

Following the decision by the special forces commanders, the government pulled back on the plan to proceed with the attack on Sadiq John, though members of the army and police have been briefly deployed to neighborhoods close to Shirkole.

There has also been pressure from traditional leaders, military officials and politicians from Sadiq John’s clan, warning that if the government goes ahead with the planned operation, they will defend him and that the outgoing president will take responsibility.

Turkish-trained Haram’ad special police unit, which the government had earlier used in a number of attacks against the opposition, was split by the political turmoil, with most of its officers joining the forces loyal to Sadiq John.

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