Somalia: Two Children Killed in AMISOM Mortar Fire


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Two children were killed and two others wounded after mortar shells fired by Uganda’s AMISOM troops struck their home in the Lower Shabelle region of south Somalia, local media has reported on Sunday.

Ugandan AMISOM troops based near the town of Janale fired a number of mortars to a residential area in a nearby village on Saturday.

Some of the mortar bombs hit homes in the village, causing casualties. Two children were killed and two others and their mother wounded after one of the shells exploded inside their home, Dalsan radio reported.

AMISOM and Somali government officials have not immediately commented on the assault on civilians.

Local media reported that Mishani village, which is close to a Ugandan military base, was shelled due to fear by AMISOM troops over imminent Al-Shabaab attack.

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