Somalia: Wounded Military Commander Flown to Turkey for Treatment


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – A senior military commander, who had been wounded in a suicide bombing attack in Somalia’s Middle Shabelle region on Friday, has been flown to Turkey for medical treatment after his family rejected government offer.

Saney Abdulle, who had aligned himself with the opposition during tensions over delayed polls and had deployed his troops in the capital Mogadishu in April in an attempt to push the incumbent president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo to quit and roll back an extension of his term, has been sustaining injuries from an Al-Shabaab-claimed car bomb blast on army base in the town of Biyo Adde.

At least 8 soldiers were killed in the militant attack and more than 10 others wounded, including Saney Abdulle and 3 other senior commanders.

He was flown to Turkey for medical treatment after his family had rejected an offer from the government that it will send him to an overseas hospital, a close relative has said.

The family insisted that they are able to pay expenses for his treatment and expressed fear that he might be killed due to his affiliation with opposition leaders, he told Somaliguardian.

The blast stirred suspicion among troops in the Middle Shabelle region and military officers at the targeted base told local media that the car bomb bypassed a camp housing Turkish-trained Gorgor special forces without being hindered and continued to the road in a no-traffic area before hitting its target.

Somalia’s federal government has not yet commented on the claim after members of the army called for an investigation into the incident.

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