Somalia’s Army Launches New Military Operation Against Al-Shabaab


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s army has carried out a new military operation against Al-Shabaab militant group in the Middle Shabelle region as the country plans to beef up security ahead of elections, Dalsan Radio has reported on Wednesday.

Troops led by the army chief General Odowa Yusuf Rage began maneuvers around the villages of War dhagah, War-eise, Gal-lef, Qor-dhere, Jilable and Ali Foldhere after Islamist militants exerted authority over multiple strategic areas in the region over the past weeks.

No clashes between troops and militants have been reported.

The maneuvers have come after Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble took over responsibility for the security of elections and ordered troops to increase operations aimed at thwarting Al-Shabaab threats that might disrupt upcoming polls.

Over the past months, the group increased presence on roads linking Middle Shabelle region and the capital, cutting off supplies for the Somali army and AMISOM troops and forcing regional officials to travel to Mogadishu by air during working trips.

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