Somalia’s Army Says Missing Recruits in Eritrea Will Return Home


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – The commander of Somalia’s Land Forces said missing recruits in Eritrea will return home after completing training, a week after the United Nations reported the youths were deployed in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, sparking protests in the Horn of Africa country.

Mohamed Tahlil Bihi denied the UN report indicating presence of Somali troops near the town of Aksum in Tigray after being moved from training camps in Eritrea to fight alongside Eritrean and Ethiopian troops in push to cleanse the region of Tigrayan rebels.

“The truth is that troops sent by country to another for training would not participate in [such a] fighting and Eritrea has hundreds of thousands of troops, and does not need support from other countries’ forces,” commander of Somalia’s Land Forces, speaking to state-radio, said on Wednesday.

The senior military official stressed that the recruits will return to the country after completing training and urged parents, whose sons have been missing since going to Eritrea, not to give an indulgence to media reports indicating participation of Somali soldiers in northern Ethiopia’s conflict.

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