Somalia’s Attorney General Says Several Institutions Are under Corruption Investigation

Somalia's Attorney General

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s Attorney General Suleman Mohamed informed about ongoing investigation into a number of corruption cases involving government institutions, NGOs and business companies.

In a press conference held at his office on Monday, the Attorney General said he was investigating corruption cases involving Ministries, embassies, business companies and remittances.

Among the mentioned public institutions was one of Banadir districts, which is currently under corruption probe.

The Attorney General pointed out that his office would present the cases to court so that those involved would be brought to justice.

In addition, Somalia’s Attorney General Suleman Mohamed Mohamoud sent a stern message to the Admin and Finance directors of all government intuitions to avoid corrupt practices and inform the office if top officials force them into means of diverting funds allocated for developmental projects.

Mr Mohamoud’s message has come a few days after Somali court sentenced several government officials to years in prison for misuse and theft of public funds.

As the tentacles of the investigation fanned out earlier this year, several scandals emerged, although it was nothing unusual in Somalia where corruption has been widespread over the past three decades.

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