Somalia’s Capital on High Alert Over Possible Militant Attacks


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu has been on high alert after warnings of imminent Al-Shabaab suicide bombing attacks on high-profile targets, including ministerial headquarters, hotels and security checkpoints.

Local media reported on Sunday that security forces had received intelligence of Al-Shabaab plans to carry out assaults in Mogadishu after smuggling at least 8 men wearing explosive vests into the city.

It has come after Somalia’s prime minister Mohamed Hussein Roble performed Eid-Al-Fitr prayers inside the presidential compound on Thursday after he was advised not to attend the mass prayers at Isbahaysiga mosque where government officials had used to participate in the congregations with the public.

An attack on Wabari police station in Mogadishu carried out by a man wearing explosive vest killed at least 6 people, including several senior commanders and wounded 7 others last week.

The alert was first circulated among foreign diplomatic missions and agencies at the heavily fortified Halane base, where foreign nationals were told to raise vigilance and avoid crowded areas.

Chief of the Somali Custodial Corps Mahad Abdirahman speaking to guards at the Central Prison of Mogadishu on Sunday urged them to be cautious and increase security checks of people visiting inmates inside the jail.

Mr Abdirahman said a number of men with explosive vests had entered the capital at a time clashes between supporters of the outgoing president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and opposition-aligned forces continued, which gave chance for Al-Shabaab to smuggle explosives from the Lower Shabelle region into the strife-torn city.

Security officials have not given specific targets which the Islamists might hit.

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