Somalia’s Farmajo Accepts to Reverse Term Extension as Allies Withdraw Support


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s outgoing president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo addressing the nation late on Tuesday night said he would reverse an extension of his term after his last allies broke ranks with him, appeasing pressure from the international community and opposition leaders.

Mohamed had earlier signed a resolution extending his term in office by two years earlier this month, provoking armed clashes and unrest in the capital that has led many to flee their neighborhoods over fear of confrontations between troops loyal to the outgoing president and an army faction aligned with the opposition.

His last allies, including Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and the leaders of two key regional states, rejected the extension of his term in what critics had described as a “power grab” attempt.

“Unfortunately, our efforts were hampered by a few individuals and foreign entities whose aim remained destabilizing Somalia to cause destruction and division, and to place us in a constitutional crisis,” Mohamed said in an overnight speech

The outgoing president whose term expired on February 8 and who has not yet organized elections amid pressure from Somalia’s international partners, argued that he has always been ready to hold timely elections.

“We have always been ready to ensure election takes place in Somalia, in a timely and peaceful way,” he dded.

Farmajo stated that he will appear before parliament on Saturday to restore the September 17 agreement between federal and regional leaders.

“We call the signatories of the September 17 2020 elections deal for an immediate meeting to discuss the way forward towards the implementation of the agreement without setting preconditions,” the outgoing Somali president noted.

Speaking on the recent clashes in the capital Farmajo accused his opposition of being responsible for the displacement of hundreds of families and described himself as a savior. He called on the public to continue standing by his government.

He blamed opposition leaders and unnamed foreign governments for the delayed elections and the current political crisis in the capital, saying they want to cause a division and constitutional crisis in the country.

“Many foreigners used their brains, muscles and bills to undermine Somalia’s progress just for their egotistic gains [but] we thwarted their plans and refused the use of our youth as firewood to lead to the destruction of Somali lives and property,” Farmajo remarked.

“It will never occur that we lead our people to displacement and destruction. We therefore urge all parties causing instability, including politicians who served Somalia for years, who still wish to seize power through chaos, to refrain from such acts.”

Opposition leaders and some of the country’s regional states accused Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, better known as Farmajo, of reneging on previous agreements he had signed and using security forces to silence his critics to rule the country by force.

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