Somalia’s Federal and Regional Leaders Strike Deal Ahead of Elections


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s President, the leaders of five regional states and the Mayor of Mogadishu have signed a deal to end deadlock over contentious electoral issues and pave the way for elections.

Among key issues agreed by the Somali leaders are forming a new Electoral Commission comprising representatives of the federal government and regional states, the number of delegates to vote for every MP is set to be 101 and as the deal requires, security of elections will be collectively protected by federal and regional troops.

The leaders issued a 15 point communiqué that mark an unprecedented breakthrough but how it will be implemented to achieve a bottom-line impact is a question that remains unanswered, given that similar agreements between the two sides have previously been broken.

Analysts say this agreement fails to set a timeline for elections, only mentioning that the process will start in November 1 2020. The term of the current Parliament will end on November 27 2020 while the term of President Farmajo ends on February 8 2020.

Here is the 15 point communiqué issued by Somali federal and regional leaders:

  1. That the federal government appoints an Electoral Commission comprising representatives of the federal and regional governments
  2. That each federal member state designates two cities that will host the election of Members of Parliament
  3. Every Member of Parliament will be elected by 101 delegates representing the seat-holder clan
  4. Cultural leaders, civil society groups and federal member states will cooperate on the selection of delegates
  5. The 30% quota for women should be protected
  6. Regional states parliaments will elect senators representing their regions in the federal Upper House of Parliament
  7. That Somaliland senators be elected by delegates representing the region
  8. That the election of Somaliland MPs take place in Mogadishu
  9. That the plan for elections starts in November 1 2020
  10. That federal and regional security institutions cooperate on protection of security of the elections
  11. This political deal will be returned to parliament to win its approval
  12. Leaders assert that freedom of expression – enshrined in the national constitution – should be protected, so that media will be able to broadcast elections without hurdles
  13. Leaders thank to the President of Galmudug and the region’s residents for hosting recent Dhusamareb talks, and similarly Banadir regional administration for the warm welcome they provided to leaders at the meeting
  14. Leaders praise President Farmajo for his efforts on ensuring that the meeting produces results in favor of all attendees
  15. Finally, the meeting commends the role of the international community in helping re-establish system of governance in Somalia

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