Somalia’s International Partners Warn That Unilaterally Imposed Electoral Modalities Will Lack Legitimacy

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) –Somalia’s international partners have expressed concern about recent political developments in the country following parliament decision to remove prime minister Hassan Ali Khaire.

“Somalia’s international partners express their concern and their strong hope that recent political developments, including in the Federal Parliament, will not undermine efforts to reach political consensus on timely elections, disrupt Somalia’s reform agenda, or create instability that may reverse the gains made so far on national priorities” reads a joint statement issued by Somalia’s international partners on Tuesday.

The partners called for inclusive consultations to achieve broad-based agreement on modalities for the 2020 elections.

“The international partners expect the Federal and State leaders to honour the agreements reached on 22 July in Dhusamareb and the timelines for follow-up meetings bringing together the Federal Government, Federal Member States, the Federal Parliament leadership, political parties and civil society representatives,” said Somalia partners, adding “any attempt by a single stakeholder to unilaterally impose electoral modalities will lack legitimacy and will not be implementable without the essential support from other stakeholders.”

In addition to voicing their concern, Somalia’s international partners have promised to closely follow developments going forward, urging all sides to keep committed to agreed national priorities and to resolving issues through dialogue and compromise that would be vital for continued international support to the Horn of Africa nation.

Somalia’s international partners have urged the immediate nomination of all members of the FGS-FMS technical committee and stand ready to facilitate its work that is sought to be completed within the agreed two weeks from the date of Dhusamareb meeting.

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