Somalia’s Police Spokesman Survives Blast in Mogadishu


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s police spokesman Sadik Adan Ali (Dodishe) has survived a blast that ripped through a bulletproof vehicle he was traveling in on Tuesday night in Wabari district of the capital Mogadishu, security officials have confirmed.

A loud explosion and subsequent gunfire were heard on Tuesday evening in an area close to the city’s airport.

The explosion, said to be caused by a bomb planted on the road hit a vehicle transporting police spokesman Sadik Adan Ali, who was heading home at the time.

Witnesses told local media that the blast caused significant damage to the targeted vehicle. Bodyguards of the spokesman opened fire immediately after the attack.

At least one person is said to have been killed with reports that a number of others wounded, though the exact number of casualties has yet to be confirmed by police.

Al-Qaeda-affiliated militant group Al-Shabaab said it had carried out the attack targeting police spokesman, who survived the roadside bomb explosion.

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