Somalia’s President Says ‘Pro-Union Movements’ Spring Up in Somaliland


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Pro-union movements have sprung up in the break-away state of Somaliland, nearly 30 years after it proclaimed independence in a monumental leap that may end long-running hostilities, Somalia’s president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo said on Friday.

He was addressing the nation on 26 June, the 61st anniversary from the day Somalia’s northern regions regained independence from the British colony.

Somaliland authorities have long accused Farmajo of spending time and funds in creating discord among its citizens and of trying to freeze funds allocated for developmental projects in the self-proclaimed state.

Mr Farmajo reiterated that “pro-union youth uprisings” led by youths from the break-away state continue to grow and encouraged their efforts to ensure that Somaliland is again reunited with Somalia.

Authorities in the break-away state have begun crackdown on those deemed to be pro-union activists, seen waving Somalia’s national flag or wearing national team soccer jerseys.

Somalia’s president commended the youths’ “vision” and their heroic decision to defy ban on pro-union activism, saying that he had met some of their leaders and listened to their opinions regarding approaches that Somaliland could again be reunited with the rest of the war-torn nation.

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