Somalia’s Security Forces killed General Galal during Mogadishu Hotel Siege, says Army Officer


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Army officer said on Wednesday that Somalia’s security forces had shot dead retired general Mohamed Nur Galal during the recent Islamist siege at Afrik hotel in the capital Mogadishu.

Speaking to local media, General Yusuf Mohamed Siad (Indho-adde) raised questions about Mohamed Nur Galal’s death, who locked himself inside a room as militants blasted their way into the hotel and began shooting at people inside the compound on Sunday afternoon.

Indho-adde noted that the retired general was shot one time in the neck which serves as an evidence that he was intentionally killed by security forces.

Mohamed Nur Galal was armed with AK-47 and grenades as the attack began and according to the federal government, he killed two Al-Shabaab attackers before he was shot dead, a narrative that general Indho-adde and other officials close to the late military officer have disputed, saying they believe it was created to deflect attention from his death.

Speaking further on the issue, Yusuf Mohamed Siad noted that troops destroyed security cameras after ending the hotel siege, took Galal’s gun and removed all other traces that would help an investigation into the renowned general’s death.

Earlier reports confirmed that General Galal survived the attack but he was pronounced dead late in the evening after security forces took control of many parts of the hotel.

The Somali army officer has not provided evidence for his claims that security forces were behind the killing of general Mohamed Nur Galal and his remarks come, after Al-Shabaab militants claimed credit for the general’s murder.

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