Somaliland Police Arrest Officer for Killing Young Student


HARGEISA (Somaliguardian) – Police in the Somaliland city of Borama arrested an officer who had killed a young student near the headquarters of Amound University, governor of Awdal region said on Tuesday.

Mohamed Ahmed Alim Timbaro said the student had been studying Engineering at the university and had returned from an examination before he was killed on Monday.

Ibrahim Abdishakur Salad, 21, was at the second semester of the university and had come from the town of Bosaso in northeastern Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland before joining the university a year ago.

There were reports that the student was killed for wearing Somalia’s national flag, though university officials later repudiated claims as baseless.

The governor of Awdal region said the police officer, who had shot dead the young student, is now in custody and will be brought before justice.

Puntland authorities called on Somaliland government to serve justice for the young student from their region and expressed hope that officials in the break-away state would bring the perpetrator behind the murder to justice.

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