Somaliland Police Chief Threatens Action Against ‘Critics’


MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somaliland police chief Mohamed Adan Saqadhi threatened on Sunday that action will be taken against critics and people who abuse the police as the self-declared state heads to the polls this month.

Speaking at a ceremony in the capital Hargeisa, the police chief stated that there are youth who frequently criticize security forces and reveal their scandals to oust the rule of law during the election day and urged them to refrain from such actions.

The remarks have come after a video circulating on social media showed a police officer badly beating a woman in the break-away state and tearing her clothes, triggering public backlash and calls for police reform.

In another incident, viral video showed last year a police officer slapping a woman in the capital Hargeisa, sparking criticism against Somaliland security institutions, though the officer has been later arrested and fired.

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