Sudan Begins Reviewing Naval Base Agreement with Russia


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Sudan is reviewing an agreement signed with Russia to establish a naval base in the Horn of Africa nation, Sudanese Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Mohamed Othman Al-Hussein said on Tuesday.

Speaking on the recent visit of Russian military delegation in Khartoum, he said the trip followed previously signed agreement that gave Moscow permission to establish a military base on Sudan’s Red Sea waters.

Al-Hussein said his country is open to military cooperation with the United States.

Russia and Sudan reached a deal in December of last year, which allows Moscow to simultaneously keep up to four navy ships, including nuclear-powered ones, in Port Sudan.

Following recent clashes on the border with Ethiopia, Sudanese Chief of Staff said “the lands Sudanese armed forces have retaken on the eastern border with Ethiopia were previous positions of our army 25 years ago and now forces have returned to their positions”.

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