Sudan Exploring Different Ways to Deal with Ethiopia Dam Filling: Minister


KHARTOUM (Somaliguardian) – Sudan is exploring different scenarios to deal with Ethiopia’s filling of the controversial dam on the Blue Nile River, Sudanese Minister of Irrigation has told Al Arabia on Sunday.

Sudanese Minister of Irrigation Yasser Abas stressed that it would not be possible to benefit from the dam without adhering to international law, weeks after second filling of the GERD prompted Egypt and Sudan’s condemnation against what they termed as a “unilateral action”.

“We demand that the storage process in the Renaissance Dam take at least two months,” Mr Abas told Al Arabia.

Khartoum has teams working 24 hours to develop multiple scenarios to mitigate the effects of the unilateral filling, Mr Abas noted, adding that Sudan held a meeting with the new US administration which described “our initiative” to involve parties of weight as “reasonable”.

Speaking further on the origins of renewed dispute over the GERD, the Sudanese Irrigation Minister urged Ethiopia’s words to be turned into actions, especially as it announced that it will proceed with the unilateral filling process without signing an agreement, adding that Ethiopian statements carry a degree of “inconsistency”.

The Sudanese Minister said the dam should be a gesture for regional cooperation and not to impose hegemony, and welcomed Egypt’s support for a quartet mediation proposal in the Renaissance Dam crisis.

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