The Gravedigger’s Truth: Somalia’s Cemeteries Filling up Fast amid COVID19 Battle

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) –Fewer than 100 people have died in Somalia, according to official figures, but BBC Africa Eye documentary reveals that cemeteries are filling up fast in the country whose healthcare system is in effect collapsed following three decades of conflict.

The documentary revealed challenges faced by doctors at government run Martini hospital where inferior equipment made the efforts to save COVID19 patients even worse.

“It’s embarrassing we are not in training. This patient is not on a ventilator and just has these inserted things and manual pumping. The computer should be working,” doctors and nurses talked this to each other in a live video as a patient was wrongly inserted with manual pumping machine without being on a ventilator.

Graveyard diggers who spoke to BBC Africa Eye confirmed that 2,000 dead bodies were buried in a single cemetery in Mogadishu in one month alone as cemeteries are filling up fast despite government still insisting on its figure that fewer than 100 people have died.

The documentary has also shown the moment doctors lost battle to keep patient alive without a functioning ventilator and also exposed that the residents in Mogadishu had perceptions that government run Martini hospital was established to kill people.

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