Two Somali Nationals Killed in South Africa Gang Attack


Johannesburg (Somaliguardian) – Two Somali nationals were killed in South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg by unidentified armed gangs with another wounded in a separate attack.

The armed gangs attacked a shop owned by Somali nationals in a suburban neighborhood of Johannesburg and shot dead two men, according members of the Somali community in the city.

The Somali nationals killed in the attack were identified as Abdisalan Ahmed and Qeys, who have been recently running business in South Africa after fleeing from the conflict in Somalia.

Reports from the city say another Somali national has later been wounded in a separate attack in Johannesburg who has been rushed to a hospital sustaining severe injuries.

Police have cordoned off the attack scene and established an investigation into the incident with no arrests made so far.

Attacks against Somali and other African nationals running businesses in South Africa have been on the rise in recent years despite pledges by the government to deal with Xenophobic and gang attacks against foreign nationals.

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